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What the Customers at the Vermont Gun Shops Were Loudly NOT Saying

What the large number lawful citizens going to the Vermont Gun Shops were loudly NOT saying.

They were NOT saying:  We think the gun control magazine ban law deters crime and is wonderful.

They were NOT saying:  We think a 24 hour waiting period would be great and 48 or 72 hour waiting  periods would be even better.

They were NOT saying:  We want our elected officials to spend more of their taxpayer paid for time working hard to accomplish the gun control law agenda of national groups being pursued in VT.

They were NOT saying:  We are very pleased that the national gun control groups are paying local  lobbyists handsomely to sell off our rights to their out-of-state employers

These lawful members of the public rejected the belief that gun control laws would protect them. They wanted to to join the ranks of those who were already capable of protecting themselves, their families and their homes. Rights affirmed in Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution.and the 2nd Amend.

If you want to have a voice in protecting your rights, get involved.  Join a gun rights organization, join a local club and by all means VOTE!  These actions can work in opposing more gun control in Vermont.

Vermont Federation of Sportmen’s Clubs

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