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S.321 has been Withdrawn!

S.321, the bill that had the restrictions on hunting bears with dogs and the restructuring  of the Vermont F&W Board added as amendments has been withdrawn.

Invoking Senate Rule 50, Senator Alice Nitka (D) Windsor, moved to have her bill, S.321  withdrawn, because of the above stated amendments having been added to the bill in the  Senate Natural Resources Committee.

The Rule 50 withdrawal motion was on the Senate Calendar for the senate floor proceedings  of today and there was no objection to the withdrawal. So, S.321 has been withdrawn.

There were aspects of S.321 that were being sought by the VT F&W Department.  It was  unfortunate that the unnecessary bear hunting and board restructuring amendments were  added to the bill.  But, it was better to withdraw the bill than let these unfavorable amendments  continue forward.

In the parliamentary proceedings of the legislature this does not mean there will not be new attempts to amend other bills to include these unfavorable bear hunting or board restructuring in other bills.  But, S.321 has been withdrawn as a vehicle for these actions.

The withdrawal of a bill by its senate sponsor is very, very unusual.

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