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Other side rightly credits Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs for Withdrawal of S.321

The group that supported making the amendments to S.321, that endangered hunting bears with hounds and reorganizing the  VT F&W Wildlife Board, and made it necessary for the bill sponsor Senator Alice Nitka to withdraw S.321 has published the  communication below with it supporters.

This communication acknowledges the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs for its success in getting the badly amended S.321 withdrawn.   Since 1875 the VTFSC has strenuously defended gun and outdoor sportsmen’s rights.

The other side is letting it be known they are going to try to get their amendments passed in some other legislation.


The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs Inc., that’s comprised in part of trappers and bear hounders, couldn’t handle the heat, so they encouraged a Senator to withdraw wildlife bill S.321 versus letting the process play out. A Senate staffer said today that he’s seen this only happen once or twice this late in the session in the past 25 years he’s worked there! The withdrawal of a bill is performed under Senate rule 50. We find this act both petty and disrespectful to all of the people who showed up to testify and drove hours to attend the hearings.

Background …

Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s Omnibus bill, S.321, sponsored by Senator Nitka, contained a lot of miscellaneous proposals from the Fish & Wildlife Dept, including prior language in Sec 1 that would’ve granted the Commissioner unlimited power. That was a dangerous power grab by the Commissioner. Thanks to your emails and phone calls that language was omitted!

The “Sportsmen” didn’t like the wildlife-protection language that was added to the bill in the Senate Natural Resources Committee, including shortening the bear hound training season, banning wanton waste, and creating a working group to evaluate the current Fish & Wildlife Governance model and funding structure (Fish & Wildlife is losing money each year in hunting/fishing/trapping licenses.) 

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From Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs

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