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Local Lobbyist Gun Control Beast MUST Be Fed

National gun control organizations, like “Giffords” of former Representative Gabby Giffords (D) AZ pour large amounts of money into Vermont to pay large local lobbying firms to push for their national agenda: to enact NYC-style gun control laws in every state.  Small population Vermont is seen as low hanging fruit. An easy buy.

As you can see down below “Giffords” is listed to a Washington, D.C. address.  They pay Patricia Komline handsomely  to lobby for gun control bills like H.610 and numerous other bills.  As you can see Patricia Komline, the former Republican Leader of the Vermont House of Representatives, has substantial resources.

Patricia Komline is a constant presence in the committee rooms lobbying for the”Giffords” gun control agenda. bills like H.610. Giffords pays very well and gets top notch service for his money spent in the pursuit of eliminating the rights of Vermont gun owners.

The final gavel in the Vermont Legislature fall in May or early June.  And most folks stop watching the financial reports.  

There was a filing required in September, even if there was no fund use to report, if “Giffords” was still engaged in lobbying in Vermont “Giffords” apparently did not file a financial disclosure report.  

Note Patricia Komline and Malinia Gabrielle were removed. Then reinstated. A March filing indicates that Giffords reported no lobbying fund use until no earlier than February 1, 2020 or they would have to had filed in January or February. That is all rather interesting.

The best defense Vermont for gun owners have is to get the ranks involved and voting.  Voting, there is no substitute.

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