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H.610 and Other Gun Control Bills, Town Meeting Day and Crossover Day on March 13

Gun Control Bill H.610 the “That dog don’t hunt” Bill

H.610 did not have any hearings this week.  H.610, the bill that has been a battle over needless NICS background checks  delays and a seizing of firearms from allegations of abuse that has “Due Process of Law” deficiencies continues forward  with Draft 8.2.  House Judiciary Committee Chair (D) Maxine Grad and Committee Ranking Member Martin LaLonde (D) have been desperately pushing H.610, a bill that is a solution in search of a problem.  H.610: the “That dog don’t hunt.” bill. Draft 8.2, H.610: H.610:  Draft 8.2. 2-20-2020.                                                                          

Legislature on Break This Week

The legislation is not in session next week.  The legislature breaks for the week of Town Meeting, which is March 2 – 6.

When you are voting on Town Meeting Day on Tuesday, March 3, look for you legislators and ask why there is a push  for gun control laws year after year, when Vermont is once again the second lowest violent crime rate state in the nation?

Cross Over Day is Friday, March 13

When the legislature returns the following week there will be a mad dash to pass bills  out of the committee of origin by the end of of Cross Over Day, for most bills that have not passed out by the end of Cross Over are not supposed to be taken up by the other  house this year.  As this is the second year of the biennium it means the bills have start over in 2021  
But, shenanigans can run rampant as politicians work to save their favorite anti-freedom bill from evaporating with the final gavel.

Waiting Period Bill Attack on Shows

S. 258 a new bill by Senator Phil Baruth for a 48 hour waiting period for all firearms is still in play and it is possible it would get included in another bill.

S.259 another bill by Senator Baruth which is a semi-automatic firearm restriction bill is still alive.

H.159 is a 72 hour waiting period for the transfer of firearms.

These waiting period bills would do nothing to deter crime and place a serious threat to the Barre F&G Club and Lamoille Valley F&G Club Gun Shows and many banquets with raffles and auctions.  Why would FFLs have a display at a show where they cannot transfer firearms? Why would the public go to a show where they cannot purchase a firearm? Clubs earn the funds to maintain safe ranges for public use.

The many gun control and outdoors sporting bill in play can be viewed on the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Club website at:

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