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Gun Owners of Vermont Legislative Update 1.16.22

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the GoVT Updates and what a busy
week it’s been already.

For those who don’t remember, we started this session with two separate
gun bills in play that carried over from last year and one of those
bills is already seeing some action. A complete list of all proposed
legislation regarding guns is available on our website here:

The House Judiciary Committee took up S.30 on Wednesday and Thursday
this past week and the bill has already had several additions.

What started out as a bill that criminalized the carrying of firearms in hospitals, government buildings, and childcare facilities (all having very loose definitions so they might be widely applied), was fought
mightily by GoVT, VTC and VTFSC during last year’s Senate hearings.

A watered-down version of the bill banning firearms in hospitals only,
eventually, narrowly passed the Senate Judiciary but passed the Senate Floor by a wide margin and currently looks poised to repeat the process in the House.

Before the House committee began discussion on Thursday, a “strike-all”
amendment was proposed by Rep. Will Notte (D) Rutland which made several additions to the bill, most notably, the addition of language amending the NCIS background check process to close the “Charleston Loophole” –a long time staple in the wish list of groups like Gun Sense- even though it is now referred to as the “default proceed loophole” as the term “Charleston Loophole” has been largely debunked, in part due to the work of groups like GoVT.

Previous GoVT testimony debunking the Charleston Loophole myth can be viewed here:

By all accounts, this bill appears poised to pass in some form
regardless of any objections to the contrary. You can view our initial
written testimony submitted on 1/13, and we are on the agenda for a
follow-up this Thursday at 9:00 am, where I might hopefully better
articulate the ethics of denying people the right of self-defense in any
given location.

But even so, the legislature in this state, and specifically this committee have been historically resistant to reason, especially when it upends the narrative that disarming everyone will make us safer. Regardless, we’ll do what we can.

The fact is that in an era of buzzwords and blind loyalties to partisan narratives, the public opinion in a state like Vermont is going to favor a bill that bans guns in hospitals.

Most people just don’t care to think
about it any further than: “why do you need a gun in a hospital?” If
you’re reading this, and you’re a GoVT supporter, you probably
understand that it’s not quite that simple.

To get a broader view of the
issue, you can view the testimony we gave last year to the Senate
committee where I highlighted the difference between the people who
carry a gun for self-defense and those who carry as an act of aggression.

A couple quick and obvious points are that mass shootings overwhelmingly occur in gun-free zones as killers know there will be no resistance.

When you make it a crime to carry, the people …

Continued on the GoVT website:
To view the COMPLETE update, follow THIS link.

* * *

Eric Davis

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