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Do You Know a Hunter or a Trapper?

An anti-hunting bill has been fast-tracked for passage in the Vermont Legislature tomorrow morning, before citizens have been fully heard; also by-passing the professional opinions of our state’s wildlife professionals.

As explained by Vermont Traditions Coalition Executive Director Mike Covey, this bill “…bans the use of hounds and the training of hounds to pursue coyotes. Like the bear hounding bills we have seen, this could easily be expanded to include the use of dogs for the pursuit of all game. There is certainly room to create regulations around the use of hounds for hunting coyotes, but those regulations should be both deliberative and promulgated through the fish and wildlife board, not set forth as an edict by the legislature with no meaningful discussion. 

Please contact the following legislators even if you sent an email before and voice your opposition to the sudden push to move this bill with no meaningful public input. If you have friends and family who don’t have email, have them call.

Senator Chris Bray  (802) 453-3444

Senator Rich Westman (802) 644-2297

Senator Mark MacDonald (802) 272-1101

Senator Brian Campion (802) 375-4376

Senator Richard McCormack (802) 793-6417

Senator Becca Balint (802) 257-4162

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