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We are now engaged in the end of a legislative biennium in which we are in completely un-chartered waters.

The legislature leadership are trying to work out how it can get the necessary COVID-19 and must pass financial bills through the legislature through a legally correct process and headed to the governor.    

This situation is rife for pushing through bad legislation if remote voting takes place and we don’t face-to-face access to legislators and the state house employees.  It is a potential perfect storm for shenanigans and we are dealing with legislators and lobbyists desperately trying to get their legislation through before the final gavel.  

Their bills die with the final gavel.  

Remember, this is an election year and the Local Lobbyist Gun Control Beast Must be fed. Big bucks were spent.  

Shooting and outdoor sportsmen’s advocates, like the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs and NRA-ILA,  are closely watching what is happening in the Vermont Legislature.

Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs

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