Pittsford, VT 2A/A16 Town

All too often we hear people say, my vote doesn’t matter, or there is nothing I can do. Well last night in the small town of Pittsford,VT one man’s idea became a reality.

During what was just a pleasant conservation between friends the concept of 2A, Article 16 sanctuary towns came up. One of the friends is a Selectman and when asked what would be involved, offered to find out.

At first it seemed they were too late, because the deadline for getting it petitioned for Town Meeting was the next day. While the man proposing the resolution went about finding the language to be used, the Selectman explored other avenues to bring it before the voters.

It was learned that the Select Board could have the discretion of placing it on the ballot if they chose to, but it would have to be done at their next meeting. With resolution in hand, the man and a group of like minded citizens came to the Selectboard meeting.

The resolution, and an explanation were read, and it appeared again to be a lost cause, as the vice chair of the Select Board read their policy, that only money issues were to be placed on the agenda for Town Meeting. After a short discussion a motion was made for the Select Board to adopt the resolution, and it was passed unanimously.

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