Cynthia Browning Removed from powerful house tax committee by speaker Mitzi Johnson

Dear Cynthia,

Your actions inspired me to come to your defense, we do not share the same party, but political parties are secondary to me, as I perceive they are to you.

It is disturbing to me how we as a sovereign state and nation are so easily manipulated like sheep to the slaughter for a perceived crisis. And it seems rare but note worthy when someone such as yourself speaks to the integrity of our institutions when those you align with would merely take advantage of the situation, seizing it as an opportunity. 

You seem to recognize your obligation more than most for preserving individual rights and personal liberty, while many others spend our liberty like a currency that can easily be replenished; you on the other hand, have recognized the excuse of crisis is often just a tool of advantage!  

Thank you Cynthia, there is a huge difference between those who truly represent the people like yourself and those who represent the collective position of a political party. You place the people above the party, as you should. You stand taller because of what you stand for, not who you stand on!

I have watched your party’s obsession for climate solutions in recent years, seemingly arrogant and unwilling at times to even listen to people with concerns for their livelihood. But you see, it’s really not about climate, it’s about what is being done to us in the name of a climate crisis, we object to!

I do not know why you were removed from your committee assignment, but you appear to have been attacked from behind the shield of the COVID 19 crisis, perhaps a safe haven for those who would tread on individual rights and personal liberty.

You should be proud of where you stand, I hope your constituents realize how fortunate they are to have someone representing them who takes her oath seriously and demonstrates her allegiance to their representation so well!


Lynn James Edmunds 

247 South Main St.

Wallingford, Vermont 05773


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