Fuel Line Newsletter 3/13/20

COVID-19 Concerns

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Governor Phil Scott activated the emergency operations center this week. While Vermont’s price-gouging law allows the Governor to declare a market emergency, that has not happened. In a press conference on Thursday, Attorney General TJ Donovan said his office has not heard of complaints about local companies artificially raising prices, but they are watching for this type of behavior as well for as scams related to the coronavirus. VFDA’s Matt Cota and VRGA’s Erin Sigrist also spoke at the press conference in an effort to calm the public and to discourage hoarding.

TCI Time?

The full Senate is expected to soon vote on legislation that will authorize the Governor of Vermont to join the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI). Under the draft proposal, sellers of gasoline and diesel fuel will be required to purchase “allowances” in order to sell fuel. What isn’t clear is whether the legislation requires Vermont to join the multi-state compact or if the legislation simply encourages participation.

Schools Out

Legislation that would have required plumbers and heating technicians to take two hours of continuing education on climate change policy in order to renew their licenses has been scaled back significantly. The new version of the bill only requires the Department of Public Safety to summarize current continuing education classes relating to climate change and energy efficiency and to recommend whether more is needed. VFDA testified in opposition to the original bill, but worked with the Senate Government Operations Committee on this compromise.

GWSA Next Steps

Now that the Global Warming Solutions Act has passed the House, it goes to the Senate Natural Resources Committee for further consideration. The  “Global Warming Solutions” proposal spends nearly $1 million over the next two years designing a “Climate Action Plan” that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2025, 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. Failure to comply would allow anyone to sue the state of Vermont.

Rebate Program

The Vermont Fuel Tank Rebate Program is back. VFDA will provide consumers with $250 rebate if they replace their fuel oil tank. Since 2018, the VFDA Tank Rebate Program has distributed more than $200,000 which has helped replace over 800 fuel oil tanks in Vermont. Go to for more information.

Degree Days

6125 heating degrees days have been recorded in Montpelier since July 1. That’s about 4% less than normal, and 8% less than last year.

The Fifth Season
Now that mud season is underway, keep in mind that Vermont law allows municipalities to post roads for conditions such as mud that can restrict truck traffic. Heating fuel trucks are not exempt.  Click here for information on road restrictions. 


News of Note

Diverse diesel demand continues climbing.

Northern Vermont’s maple industry in full swing.

Go to to read the latest incident report from the Vermont Commerical Vehicle Enforcement Unit.


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