Fuel Line Newsletter 2/28/20

Town Meeting Talk Lawmakers will be home all next week for Town Meeting break. This is your chance to speak personally with your elected leaders. It is important that you take the opportunity to remind them what you do and how hard you work to keep Vermonters safe and warm. Make sure you vote on Town Meeting Day and let your elected leaders know that you care how they vote in Montpelier.

Wage Vote On Tuesday, the Vermont House voted to override Governor Phil Scott’s veto of legislation that will increase the minimum wage to $12.55 by 2022. Democrats were able to just meet the two-thirds majority by just one vote. Six Democrats who opposed the minimum wage legislation on the floor in January changed their votes on Tuesday, delivering the support needed to enact the legislation.

Rebate Program Launch

VFDA launched the 2020 version of the Vermont Fuel Tank Rebate Program with Governor Phil Scott last week. VFDA Members can click here to download low cost and no cost consumer education and compliance materials, including free rebate forms to send to your customers that need a new tank. VFDA, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), oilheat providers and heating service companies are working collaboratively to make sure all tanks are inspected before the August 15, 2020 deadline. The Vermont Fuel Tank Rebate Program provides $250 to any Vermonter who replaces a non-compliant tank with a new tank. Since 2018, the VFDA Tank Rebate Program has distributed more than $200,000 which has helped replace over 800 fuel oil tanks in Vermont. Go to for more information.

How Cold Is It?

3724 heating degree days have been recorded outside VFDA’s office since December 1. That’s about 6% less than normal, and 9% less than last winter. 5651 heating degrees days have been recorded in Montpelier since July 1. That’s about 3% less than normal, and 6% less than last year.


News from Washington

The U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Drug and Alcohol, has once again issued a clarification of the agency’s CDL drug and alcohol policy concerning state legalization of medical marijuana, hemp, CBD oil or recreation marijuana. Click here to read. Federal law does not recognize the legalized status of these products. Last year, the DOT warned CDL drivers that the use of state legalized marijuana, medical marijuana, hemp and CBD oil will result in a positive drug test regardless of state legal status. The DOT issued this second clarification because the occurrence of positive drug test results for drivers using these products is increasing.


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