VSBA Meeting March 2019 (video)

Vermont School Boards Association meeting March 2019. Providing information on the adoption of Act 46.

As of July 2019, the following schools are closing or restructuring due to Act 46.

  1. Holland – June 2019 NCS
  2. Underhill – June 2019? Chittenden East
  3. Reading- Removed 5th /6th grade and cut principal and teacher positions. As of Sept 2019 will be K-4 only.
  4. Jamaica- Removed 6th grade offered open school choice across merged district. As of Sept 2019 only 30 children remain in attendance at Jamaica. West River
  5. West River District Brookline, Newfane ,Townsend remove 6th grade to join 7-12 at Leland and Grey. As of September 2019 all will be K-5 only
  6. Harwood District – Talks about restructuring and the closure of Fayston, Moretown or Waitsfield Schools. Plans include busing 6th graders to the middle/high school and closing 2 buildings. No final decisions made re which two schools
  7. Orleans SW SU – Forced into merger open discussion of closing Lakeview School which serves Stannard and Greensboro as soon as the merged board can do so – see meeting mins.
  8. Rutland NESU – Restructured 4 Elementary schools into suburban model [ PK-2 3-5 6- 8 ] at this time continuing to use all 4 buildings. That is not likely to continue for long repurposing on the agenda for the future.
  9. Rochester – closed middle and high school moved to tuition grades 7-12 and became a K-6 rather than a K-12 school in 2018-2019.
  10. Ludlow- Black River closing 9-12 this June to operate grades K-8 only. Going to choice and working on a local private school option.
  11. Concord – took place in 2015 before Act 46 became law. Closed 9-12 became a K-8 school offering voice 9-12.
  12. Bridgewater- again happened around when Act 46 was enacted. Closed K-6 moved all Bridgewater students to Pomfret. Subsequently Pomfret school discovered mold and in 2018 all Bridgewater and Pomfret students were moved to Woodstock. It is uncertain if they will return to Pomfret or remain in Woodstock at this time.
  13. Readsboro removal of grades 7/8 to Halifax Fall 2019.
  14. ACSD discussing closing up to 6 small elementary schools ( Ripton, Cornwall, Weybridge, etc) to bus students to one school in Middlebury. Decision Fall 2019.

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