The One Question YOU Should Ask

Here is one important question you can ask:

Can someone explain why after the implementation of Act 46, taxes are still going up? Further, when do you anticipate taxes will start going down, if ever? Current statistics show that from 2019 to 2021 the total equalized pupil count dropped 1500 while homestead education taxes increased from $594.9 to $654.1 million. That’s right. More taxes, less students.

Another important question:

Is your town government or school board being accountable? What about transparent? This litmus text before voting on town meeting items.

It was very clear in 2015 what the intent of Act 46 was. Here are some excerpts from various media outlets:

  1. “Act 46 is a new education law that encourages and eventually requires school districts to merge into larger units over the next four years in an effort to better serve students and better manage costs.”
  2. “Act 46, an education reform bill, was a response to calls for property tax relief and the curbing of growth in statewide education spending.”
    Has the law lived up to its promises in your community?

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