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John Klar Releases 2020 Farming Manifesto: An Economic Rescue

Brookfield, Vermont, April 14, 2020: GOP Gubernatorial candidate John Klar has unveiled a detailed and comprehensive plan for Vermont’s economy entitled “The 2020 Vermont Farming Manifesto.” Vermont’s dairy farms and cheesemakers need help!

John outlines proposals to provide tax incentives for small farms and food producers; fortify resources to consolidate, distribute, and sell food products; and increase public subsidization of the purchase of local food by those of limited means. This plan will help all businesses in Vermont through broadened ancillary sales growth (farm business suppliers of goods and services), reduced regulatory strictures, an improved attraction for people to work and live in Vermont, improved health, and lower healthcare costs.

The Manifesto calls for concurrent reductions in the administrative expenses of Vermont’s overgrown bureaucracy, including in schools, healthcare services and pensions. It tackles welfare fraud, and proposes reduced legislative sessions. These savings will more than offset costs of promoting growth in the farm and food sector.

Food security is enhanced by improving the availability of local food in times of crisis. Pollution is reduced when fresh, nutritious foods are sourced locally rather than transported long distances from industrial factory farming systems on the West Coast and abroad (e.g., China or Mexico). Growing food grows the Vermont economy.

Progressives seek to impose gas taxes for EV cars manufactured in Japan, or solar panels shipped from China. Such schemes extract wealth from Vermont, and accelerate environmental damage. Small farms are sustainable; utopian dreams are not.

Read the full 2020 Vermont Farming Manifesto, or view a video summary by author John Klar, at Vermont’s farms are Vermont’s future!

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