What is the 802VT Alliance?

What is the 802VT Alliance? Who are we? What are we about?

The simple answer is that we are a large grassroots group of concerned citizens who organized in 2018 to form a political action group. A group dedicated to make changes in our Vermont government, to bring back ethics and Vermont values.

The far more and complex answer- the 802VT Alliance movement is involved in searching out qualified candidates to run for office, helping to organize political committees at a town level, informing the voters about what is going on with various bills pending in Montpelier, increasing the voter role by signing up new voters, pushing the idea and the need for a more Conservative/fiscally responsible government, to bring together like minded citizens of Vermont and demand an end to an oppressive government.

Our slogan “The New Voice For Vermont” highlights our goal of having a united voice to make a change against the current one-sided government which continuously disregards the will of the people.

We believe strongly in a government for the people & by the people, we stand firm behind the Constitutional rule of law and we believe the elected officials work FOR the people and should be held accountable for their actions.

Through our efforts we hope to achieve a smaller government, lower tax burdens, a return to local control over education, an immigration of business/industry for economic growth and the elimination of rampant waste of spending.

We will actively fight against any “feel good” legislation which goes against Vermont values.

In order to accomplish our goals is to support electable candidates who will stand by our plan and perform to benefit Vermont.

Although our goals are seemingly monumental we feel with enough voter support, show of strength, resolve and dedication anything is possible.

We are under attack, whether you believe it or not. Our very way of life, our values and our freedom are all at risk due to the shift in ideologies as well as twisted agendas.

Our founding fathers had wisdom beyond their time, when they drew up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they foresaw possible problems. This is the wisdom and knowledge we are attempting to bring back.

Join us in our quest to return Vermont to its Conservative roots and freedoms. Our main information platform is 802VT Alliance on Facebook:

We can be reached at: or by mail: 46-B Mt. Tabor Ave. Danby, VT. 05739

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