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Anti-gun Bill S.30 Is On The Governor’s Desk

As foretold by Gun Owners of Vermont and the Vermont Federation of
Sportsmen’s Clubs, S.30 as passed by the Senate was immediately expanded
by the House Judiciary to include FOUR NEW ANTI-GUN LAWS!

This latest abhorrent, anti-freedom legislation was rammed through the
House by the Democrat super-majority and their obsession with turning
Gun-Friendly Vermont into another California or New Jersey.

By systematically stripping our rights according to their national
anti-gun, anti-liberty playbook, they have begun to DISMANTLE Vermont’s
TWO CENTURY tradition of freedom and safety, at the orders of
out-of-state-controlled organizations like Everytown, Giffords, and

Vermont which has historically been the SAFEST STATE in the nation, has
now plummeted to FOURTH SAFEST due to the anti-gun legislation passed
each year by Vermont legislators since 2013.

The dangerous policies passed by the supermajority under the marching
orders from out-of-state lobbying groups will continue to threaten the
safety of Vermonters lest they go unchecked.

It is up to Governor Scott to put a stop to this OUT-OF-STATE FUNDED
anti-gun campaign!

Please call the Sergeant At Arms at 802-828-2228 and have the message:
“Please VETO S.30 now!” delivered to Governor Scott.

After the Governor’s veto, it will again be up to us to contact our
individual legislators and tell them DO NOT override the Governor’s
veto, as this bill will likely have deadly consequences for Vermonters!

Gun Owners of Vermont

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