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Scott Doesn’t Back Legal Prostitution

Legal prostitution isn’t “what Vermont needs at this point,” Gov. Phil Scott said at his weekly press conference yesterday. Burlington voters Tuesday approved a charter change repealing anti-prostitution language. The charter change will go before the Legislature for approval this year or next. Meanwhile, a coalition of Burlington lawmakers are pushing H630, whose lead sponsor is Selene Colburn Read More…

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Here Comes Another Carbon Tax

Are you ready for the coming carbon tax on your home and business heating bill? The Vermont House is working at flank speed to enact the “Clean Heat Standard” (CHS) concocted by the Climate Action Network, and adopted by the Vermont Climate Council. Of course, none of the House backers will describe the CHS as Read More…

NEW Gas-Powered Car TAX Just For You!

Is the House Judiciary Out of Control?

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What is the Judiciary Doing?

The hearing on gun control bill H.610 continued on yesterday and there is testimony scheduled for tomorrow.  But, the E-mail string below shows these committee hearings are testimony on a badly broken process. Draft 6.1 of H.610 is [available here].  This is sixth and latest version of gun control bill H.610. H.610 is sponsored by Read More…

ALERT! Gun Control Public Hearing On February 18th

A Message From the Vt Federation of Sportsmen

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